Why is this van from Riverton, WY in front of our Church?

WY Van.jpg

Good morning, everyone. This will be longer, but the ending is worth the read.

We have been in Dubois, WY at the KOA since last Friday. Having tons of fun and meeting really neat and kind people (it really is a great small town that makes you feel 
very welcome... in fact I think I can say that of everyone I have met in WY), but this past week when we were heading out to have fun in Dubois (me to the shooting range and Kate and the kids to the lakes with the kayak) our van broke down. We got to ride in a wrecker back to Dubois and the man driving the truck brought us and all of our things back to the KOA before taking it to the garage (once again notice the pattern of kind people).

But the van had a broken rear axle beam... a major fix and estimated cost was $1,700 at the best and only went up from there. No fun and down right scary being 1,835 miles from home.

Person after person in our campgrounds came over and offered help and kind words. Kate and I talked it over and decided to part ways with the van and then find a way home from Dubois. I woke up a 5 am to plot and plan our way home and after 3 1/2 hours had a couple of plans, but none seemed great. So I made one phone call to the pastor at the church where we went last Sunday, James at Riverton Nazarene, to see if we could donate our van to their church to go to a family in need.

It turned out that they were going to donate their church van to a family in their community and our van would be a much better fit for the family instead of their 15 passenger van.

Within the morning, the board had decided to GIVE us their van, pick up our van and just bless us. Praise the Lord. So within less than 24 hours, God solved our problem for us, blessed another family, and just generally took care of everyone. Praise the Lord!

Now be in prayer for us as I work on their van (just like every church van it has some "quirks") and I will be going over it today in our plans to leave early Sunday morning. Thanks for reading this far and praying for us as we travel... it has and will make all the difference.

Tim & Kate Heaney